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Thursday, 03 January 2002

I got up before Jackie this morning, something that doesn't happen very often. I checked the time, to see if it would be possible to fit in weight lifting, but it was already too late for that by an hour. So, I just made Jackie bed coffee.

I've been juggling two tasks at work, one urgent, but the other with a fixed deadline. I've mostly been working on the urgent one. But the deadline for the other one had snuck up on me, so I had to drop the supposedly urgent one to deal with the other.

I didn't do any writing this evening. Jackie and I watched "Bridget Jones Diary" and then I did half of my critique for the third story (actually a novel fragment and synopsis). Still a bit more to do on the critique.

And, I got one of my stories ready to go back out to a market. There are several more that I need to get out, but getting this one out helps.


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