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Monday, 11 February 2002

I made some good progress on the non-lethal story, bringing it to 1220 words. It hasn't quite come together yet, but I'm plugging away. I like the bits of it well enough, I just don't have a whole thing yet.

I updated my writing page. I put in "Anger Management," forthcoming from Bay Laurel Ebooks. I also put in some very short excerpts (the first few lines) from most of my stories.

I finally got around to reading Tim Pratt's story in Strange Horizons. It's called "Little Gods". Wow. It's not often that I'm this strongly affected by a story. I'm getting pretty good at writing stories. (I don't think anyone could read much of this journal without realizing that I think pretty highly of my own work.) But this story excels in exactly the place where my own work falls flat, and it's also a great story in all the other areas where I do good work myself.

Now it's past my bed time.


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