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Monday, 11 March 2002

The only writing-related activity today was getting a couple mss ready to send out. There are two more I need to get out, though.

Yesterday was the Chambana Speculations meeting. I got a good critique on my story. People liked the same bits of it that I always do well and told me that I have pretty much the same problems that I've always had. I had a couple of reservations about this story that were unrelated to any of those things (having to do with the politics of the story) and none of that came up, so I don't think that'll be a problem. (I didn't think it would, but I wouldn't have been completely surprised if it had.) So, now it's back to trying to make the character show his emotions more clearly. There's also a story structure problem, but I think it's fixable. This is a story where I care deeply about the same sorts of things the hero cares about, so I've got as good a chance to improve that aspect with this story as I'll ever have. Wish me luck.

I promised to get something in for the group for next week. I've got an old story I want to take another stab at, and I don't think it'll take long, so I think I can have something by the weekend.


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