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Wednesday, 13 March 2002

Well, that was satisfying.

I've had a new story idea for a couple of days. I wrote a few hundred words yesterday, but they weren't right. Then, today, I figured out how I wanted to tell the story, and this evening I sat down and wrote the whole thing straight through. So, now I have the miracle drug story, 1800 words, in first draft form. And I like it. I wish it were that easy every time.

I still need to do the rewrite that I promised my writers group. I think that might go almost as smoothly. I've got a draft and I know how I want to change it. Wouldn't it be sweet to get two days like today back-to-back?

In day job news I wasted most of today documenting my job goals and behaviors for 2002. Never mind that we're nearly a quarter of the way through the year--that's the least of the stupidities involved. But, at least it's over with. (I mean, until next quarter when I have to dialog with my manager and talk about whether I'm meeting my goals and demonstrating my behaviors.)


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