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Thursday, 14 March 2002

Jackie and I spent the early evening putting together a bookcase.

We're always short of bookcases, but our apartment is too small to hold many more. The wall space is all taken up with other bookcases. But we spotted a bookcase in the Levenger catalog that would fit one of the few remaining spots and ordered it.

I have a complex relationship with the Levenger catalog. Normally I have no problem with overpriced neat stuff. I would always flip through the Sharper Image catalog or the J Peterman catalog and think some of the stuff was neat, but I never wanted to buy any of it. But the Levenger catalog is different. I want that stuff. Mostly I manage to resist.

I did two critiques for the Clarion 2001 critique list, which brings me up to date. Then I did a quick pass over the story I wrote yesterday and sent it to the critique list. I cut a bit but mosty added and finished at 1900 words.


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