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Thursday, 21 March 2002

Bad movie! Jackie and I watched "Pay it Forward," which is a bad, bad movie. I can't think of a more wretched example of grafting a totally gratuitous sad ending onto an otherwise adequate movie, with the possible exception of "Turner and Hooch." Bad movie.

We watched "Legally Blond" last night, which is a much, much better movie. It's pretty stupid, though not as bad as you'd guess from the premise. And it's pretty funny.

I got a rejection from Elysian Fiction this morning with praise for the story. The quality of my rejections has definitely improved since Clarion.

We had evil post-equinox snow. The temperature started out this morning at freezing and then dropped all day. There's white stuff in the air and it's actually sticking a little bit, edging the sidewalks, fetching up in the woodchips around the bases of trees. The evil late-March snow would have made the lead-in to today's journal entry, if it hadn't been pushed into third place after the story rejection and the bad, bad movie.


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