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Sunday, 24 March 2002

It's been a fairly productive weekend. I did some writing today, working on a rewrite of the insurance story. It's going along very well. On Saturday I made another pass over the tax forms and pretty much finished up the Federal taxes (still need to sign and envelope them). I haven't started the state taxes, but for Illinois that only takes a couple of hours.

There's just one problem with having lots of stories out to editors: Lots of rejections. I got rejections Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I'm not normally pleased that there's no mail on Sunday, but this week it seemed like a nice break.

I heard a bit on the radio about the theremin, and then had to download a theremin simulator for the Mac. It's the first thing I've found that made me want to install shockwave, so I did that too. Many minutes of fun.

Today was the meeting of the local writers group. I got some good comments on my story.

In day-job news things are in pretty good shape. I finished up a supposedly quick task that had ended up taking much longer than it should have. I also kept up with the other stuff I was supposed to be working on, so everything's under control. That's a pleasant feeling.


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