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Wednesday, 10 April 2002

I was so virtuous today. At my day job I went and told my boss I was out of things to do. (I have the sort of job where my boss won't notice if I don't have anything to do for days at least, possibly for weeks.) After work I went for a run. (Not much of a run, but the first run of the year is always like that.) After dinner I got the tax stuff all put together and stuffed into envelopes. Then I sat down at my desk and did a little writing.

I'm working on the insurance story rewrite. It's the closest thing to being really done that I've got, and I'd really like to get another story out to markets. Some of the ones I've got out right now are getting kind of shopworn. The rewrite is going okay.

The most recent Locus had a review of Bones of the World. The review didn't mention my story. It was a generally positive review of the book, though, so that's good.

Clarion classmate Thomas Seay has started a blog that I'm linking to from my writing progress page. He always had interesting stuff to say at Clarion, and I'm sure his blog will be just as interesting.


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