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Friday, 12 April 2002

Tired today. I think I was so relieved on Monday to learn that Jackie was fine, that I forgot just how much work and worrying I'd done over the weekend. So, I was surprised to find myself exhausted. Fortunately, it was an easy day today. I took a long lunch with Jackie. After eating, we went for a long walk along the Boulware trail.

If you go by the weather, Wednesday was the first day of spring. By that same benchmark, Thursday was the first day of summer. Typical for Illinois. Today was also warm (I wore shorts both days) with some thunderstorms that politely held off until after our walk was done and I was safely back in the office.

I'm reading Lion's Blood by Clarion instructor Steven Barnes. It's a great adventure story and a great story of freedom and the price of its absence.

Tomorrow we're going to go to the Fleece Fair in Greencastle, Indiana. We went last year and had a good time. I brought my laptop and did some writing while Jackie shopped for fiber.


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