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Saturday, 13 April 2002

Jackie and I went to the Fleece Fair. Jackie had a plan. She was going to visit all the vender booths and see what fiber was available, and then decide what she wanted and go back and get it. That lasted until she got to the first booth, which had numerous multi-colored rovings in shades of purple, on sale for $16 a pound. So, she had to buy four pounds of those. Then the next booth had some beautiful fiber art (needle-felted pictures). And the booth after that had more roving and buttons.

It was fun to see Jackie having so much fun. We ended up needing to make two trips back to the car to carry all the stuff she bought. It may well take her a year to spin all the fiber she got, which is okay because the Fleece Fair is an annual event. (I'm the one who bought the needle-felted picture of sheep on a misty hillside.)

On the way home we stopped at two places near Greencastle that sell exotic meats, one bison and the other elk. We had gotten elk the time before, and had decided that the roasts are excellent for braising, so we got another of those.

It really is spring. Buds are bursting open. The birds are back. We saw goldfinches on the Boulware Trail yesterday, and redwing blackbirds today.

The only writing news is a rejection from Analog. My story was "not quite suitable" to their present needs.

I finished Lion's Blood. Great story.


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