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Friday, 26 April 2002

Not a bad day.

It was sunny and almost warm, for one thing. I sat outside for lunch. I felt obliged to do so, despite it really being slightly too chilly for sitting outside, because I was the one who suggested to the facilities guys that the chairs (that had been taken in for the winter) be put back outside.

Work went pretty well. I got some things done.

I did some work around the edges of my writing, although it was really closer to outlining than actually writing a story. I had spent some time thinking about the structure of the story of a broken man who is healed. This evening, I wrote up some notes on how that story seems to go. I think I understand it now. I'll use those when I make another try at the hospital story.

Before the hospital story, though, I need to finish my rewrite of the insurance story. I discovered that it had been ten days since I worked on it. A sad lapse in work habits. Worse, in that time the context of the story has escaped me. Tomorrow I'll need to re-read the first half so that I remember all the changes that need to be reflected in the second half. Then I need to make those changes. There's also probably a bit of work to be done in the middle. I've done part of that, but probably need to do more. It's hard to tell until the rest of it is done.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. It's supposed to rain, which means it probably won't be great for doing things outdoors. For a change, I'm okay with that. I want to write. This way I won't feel like I'm wasting a day of great weather if I spend it sitting at my computer.


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