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Thursday, 25 July 2002

[photo of Jackie and me]

Well, I'm nearly ready for the trip to Singapore, if you're prepared to use a pretty liberal definition of ready. The equipment is gathered up, the software is tested and seems to work.

I got my haircut. For entering Singapore, I figure I want to look like a businessman, not like a writer.

I probably won't be posting much, if at all, in the next week. I might, though. I'll probably have network access from Singapore.

Geoff Landis sent this great picture of Jackie and me at the Clarion reunion. He captured Jackie's smile so well!

Jackie and I went to the bookstore this evening so I could get a book to read on the plane. Then we stopped and got a video to watch this evening.

No writing for the past couple days, although I've been roughing up an outline for a possible novel. It's a story that had seemed too truncated when I tried to do it as a short story. Now that I'm thinking of it in novel terms, though, I'm not sure it's quite that either. It's natural length may be novella.

It'll get more thinking before I decide what to do.


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