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Tuesday, 30 July 2002

I'm posting this as the July 30th journal entry, because my watch says it's July 30th. I don't really know what day it is.

I can confidently state that 25 hours is too long to spend in airplanes and airports. I don't think even flying business class would have helped much, although maybe the more comfortable seats would have let me get some more sleep. That would have helped some.

So, I spent from Saturday at 8:00 AM, until Sunday at 10:15 PM on airplanes and in airports. It wasn't really quite that long, as that includes 13 hours of time change. But it was quite long enough. Monday we tested our equipment and registered, after which I went to bed early. I tried to stay up to a reasonable local bedtime as an anti-jetlag measure, but it was hopeless. It wasn't so bad, though. I slept until 4:00 AM, which is only a little earlier than I might have gotten up anyway.

The actual work I'm doing is all proprietary stuff, so I won't talk about it.

No time at all to see Singapore yet. This evening is the "social event," so I probably won't get out today either. Maybe Wednesday.


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