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Sunday, 11 August 2002

I finally got some writing done. I made a pass over the youth story (the one I'd been working on before I went to Singapore) and integrated the page I'd written while I was there. It's not much, but it is forward progress again.

I also did some web site reorganization.

I've been reading fewer of the on-line journals I used to read. Some of them are no longer being updated. Others are just being updated so rarely that it doesn't seem worth the trouble to go check them out. Still others are still going strong, but I find that they no longer capture my interest the way they once did.

I decided to move the list of author's websites and journals off my main journal page and onto a links page instead. That's mostly because I found it hard to edit the list down to just pages I was still reading regularly. I tried to come up with a rule for which links to keep on my page--Clarion classmates and instructors, journals I'm still reading, journals of people who've linked back to me--but nothing seemed really satisfying. So, in the end, I just moved the list to my new links page. I also stopped trying to divide the list into categories (although I do still note my Clarion 2001 classmates and instructors).

It seems okay.


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