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Thursday, 22 August 2002

The past couple of days I read a Chambana Speculations story that had been critiqued by the group while I was in Singapore. I critiqued it and emailed the critique to the writer. I also read and critiqued Marissa's new young-adult novel.

I've been doing other reading. I read the Ted Chiang collection Story of Your Life, and Others and then the Locus interview with him. I'm still working my way through the Year's Best (which is going fairly quickly, because I'm usually skipping the stories I've already read, which is a lot of them, because I was keeping up pretty well on the short fiction during the first half of last year, until I went away to Clarion).

I've been listening to a lot of folk and bluegrass. My dad hadn't seen "O Brother Where Art Thou," so we watched that while I was there. Then, right after we got back, the Newshour had a segment on "old time" music.

I grew up with that sort of music, including related things like union songs. I need to spend some time on the net--I bet there's a lot of the sort of music I like out there.


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