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Tuesday, 20 August 2002

Got email this morning that is buying one of the micro stories I submitted! I'll post a link here (and on my writing page) once the story goes up. (Should be early in September.)

Last night I made a final pass through the story I wrote while I was in Kalamazoo, and then posted it to the Chambana Speculations web site.

I've gotten several stories critiqued over the past few months (longer than that, really--most of a year now, I guess), but I haven't been revising them and getting the submitted to markets. Also, after a period of doing pretty well right after Clarion, I haven't been getting the stories I have revised back out to markets after they've been rejected.

I resolve to do better.

Part of the problem, I think, was getting stuck on a couple of stories where I had a really good idea, but didn't manage to get the story written quickly. A couple of times work dragged on for weeks. The work of writing a first draft began to feel a lot like the work of revising, with the result that I'd finally finish a first draft, but feel as if it had been a long time since I worked on something new. So, I'd start working on something new, rather than revising.

This most recent first draft didn't have that problem. I'm kind of in a mood for revising now.

I'll go over the stories in my critiqued folder, rank them by salablity, revise the top couple stories and start submitting them.


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