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Tuesday, 03 December 2002

My brother Steven called my journaling "slothful," an assessment I can't argue with. I'm just glad I have a sloth stuffie to comfort me.

So, I've not been writing and I've not been revising stories and sending them out. My Clarion instructors would be horrified. I need to go through my folder of "Completed" stories, trunk the ones I'm not going to send out anymore, and get the rest out to editors. I need to go through my folder of "Critiqued" stories and rewrite them. And I need to write a new story or two.

Except for the short screenplay for short film I'm hoping to make with my co-workers, I've not finished a story in much too long.

No time tonight. I've been watching videos and going to movies and reading vast amounts. That's all good, but now it's time to get back to writing.

I think getting my old stuff out and my critiqued stuff revised will be satisfying. Motivating. I've been having trouble lately declaring things done. That hadn't been one of my problems, in the past; it's just cropped up the last few months. It's a temporary thing, I think. Time to move beyond it.

Clarion classmate Thomas Seay wrote a poem from the various search strings people had used to find his website. It is a thing of wonder.


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