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Wednesday, 04 December 2002

Today I went through my "Completed Stories" folder. There are six stories there. Three I definitely still want to market. I got two of those ready to go out to editors. For the third I need to do a bit of research to pick the next market, so that'll have to wait a day or two.

The other three I think I'll trunk. One I'm sure about--it lacks unity. I'll trunk it and see if I want to do something completely different with the ideas in it. The other two I'm undecided about. One is a story that I really, really like and am disinclined to let it go to a second tier market. The other is a fantasy story that has been to all the really likely markets. When I'm doing the market research for the shorter one I still want to market, I'll keep an eye out for markets for those two. If I don't find something I'll trunk 'em, then keep an eye out for new markets that show up.

It'll be good to have stories out again.

Clarion classmate Kathy Gabriel sold stories to the newest edition of and they're up now.

And, on the topic of that market, I had $13.54 show up in my checking account today, which I'm pretty sure is my payment for the story I had in the previous edition finally making it through the arcane process they're using for international transactions.

Now I need to get to bed. Tomorrow I need to get up early to take the cat to the vet. (She's not sick; she needs to have her teeth cleaned.)


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