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Sunday, 09 February 2003

Walked the length of the Robe trail today with Jackie and my mom.

My mom's been visiting for a week, having come to visit her older brother, who's sick. After that visit, she stayed here for a week, which has been very nice. I was very busy at work this week, though, and didn't get to take much time off to spend with her.

We saw a Great Blue Heron on the walk. It flew overhead at least three times, close enough that we could see its toes as it flew by, its legs stretched out behind it. It kept circling around and landing by the stream along which the Robe trail runs, so that our walk would bring us once again alongside the heron, prompting it to fly off again. Finally it stood its ground long enough for us to get past it, after which it flew off the other way.

We got to see it stand in a distinctly heron-like pose, its neck curved so that its head was close to its body, one leg lifted. A gorgeous bird.

On the way back we saw a hawk. We didn't get a great look at it, just saw the bands on its tail, which is spread more widely than most of the hawks with banded tails do in the pictures in the field guide.

Definitely a primo walk, though, with both a heron and a hawk.


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