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Monday, 10 February 2003

Took my mom to the airport. She's probably halfway home by now. After that Jackie and I picked up Chinese take-out for dinner. We had a quiet evening at home: ate dinner, watched the news, watched "Veritas" (which is not well-written, but I've been toughing it out because it's otherwise just the sort of thing I like).

There are a number of classic Esperanto text available as eBooks (en Esperanto, eLibroj, kompreneble). The guy who is doing them is putting them into pdf format. I figured I'd download a couple and some sort of pdf reader for the Palm.

I don't normally read books on the Palm. Books are generally better on paper. I do read a lot of other kinds of documents on computer screens, but generally on large computers screens. Still, I thought it might be handy to have something in Esperanto on the Palm when I wanted to read something and the Palm was there.

That turned out not to be so easy. Acrobat for the Palm requires 3.5. I'd upgrade, but the upgrade utility says it doesn't work on a Palm III. Sigh. I spent more time than it was worth doing searches without finding a free reader than runs on my handheld.


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