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Tuesday, 01 April 2003

I've got just over 800 words now, so a bit more than 300 new words. I revised the second half of the scene I'd written yesterday, then started the next scene.

Today started off well, with a run. The weather is getting warm (it was already 51°F when I got up this morning), making it easier to get out in the early morning. And this was a pretty good run for this early in the season. I'm still not running the whole way, but I ran enough more of the route that it only took me 20 minutes instead of 25 to cover it. Another few days of this and I'll need to add a second lap around Kaufman Lake to get in the canonical 20 minutes of aerobic exercise.

I won't mention the part of the day spent at the day job, except to say that two different things happened to annoy me.

After work, though, I took Jackie to a little Italian restaurant for dinner. That was nice. It left a bit less time for writing than usual, but I feel like I made good use of what time I had.

Tomorrow may also be shortish in the writing time, as I'll knock off at 8:00 PM to watch Angel. But that's just about the only TV we're watching any more, so I don't begrudge myself an hour a week.

One disadvantage of posting at the end of the day is that I kind of miss the chance to post an April fools gag. So, I'll settle for pointing you to this bit in Locus on-line: Clarion Recalls Classes of '96 and '98. I feel so left out.


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