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Wednesday, 02 April 2003

Not a bad day at all, considering how short it was. I've got 1700 words now, so about 900 words today.

The only negative is: I've pretty much written what I'd foreseen. I know how the end goes, more or less, and I know what goes right before the end. But there's a couple scenes in between that are a complete blank.

So, I'll stop for the night and turn it over in my head a bit. And watch Angel. (Actually, as I wrote this I figured out one of the pieces I needed. I made a note.)

I almost didn't go lift weights today. I woke up with my muscles still a bit tired from yesterday's run and the previous day's weight lifting. But I decided to go anyway, and just make it an easy day.

I'm glad I went, though, because I felt great. Once I got going I actually pushed the weights up on several machines. Whereas in the past we've aimed for going every-other day, but settled for actually getting there three times a week, for more than a month now we've been actually going every other day. The extra workout seem to be making a difference.


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