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Friday, 04 April 2003

No new words today. Thunderstorms threatened and I left the computer turned off all evening. I'm hoping, though, to finish this story tomorrow so I can give it a revision pass on Sunday and then send it to the writing group. We have another ms to critique next weekend, and having two would be even better.

Although I didn't actually write, I did do some thinking. The scene I just wrote (the backstory scene) probably needs to go a bit later. I need another scene to establish the other character who's going to change, and I think it needs to go in before this scene.

We didn't lift this morning, but we'd already done three days in the past seven, so that was covered. I did go for a run. It's the first time this season I've run two days in a row, and the results were predictably mediocre. That's okay, though. The fast, easy runs show fitness, but it's the difficult runs that build fitness.

I was unwilling to risk the computer to the thunderstorms, but had no hesitation to risk the other electronics. We watched "The Truth About Charlie," which is just the sort of movie I like. It was okay, although it was no "Charade." I don't want to include a spoiler for the movie, but at the climax I had a great idea--and was a bit disappointed when it turned out that the writers for this movie turned out to have had the exact same idea.


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