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Saturday, 05 April 2003

About 3200 words, so 450 new. I also cleaned up several things, inserting the scene I needed before the backstory scene and changing some details of one of the secondary characters to make her less sympathetic.

It's all good, but I'm still kind of stuck. I knew where I'm going, but I haven't earned it yet. As I write this, I think maybe what I need is a confrontation scene.

I ought to think of confrontation scenes more often. There are probably a lot of my stories that could use one or two. But I don't. I usually avoid the confrontation, or else let it happen off-stage and just report on it. But a scene like that is where the juice is. One of my Clarion classmates used to skip the hard, emotionally wrenching scenes, and we all complained about it. I didn't get quite the same complaint, but I think I just hide the missing scene better.

It was a good day. I slept in (until 7:00). Jackie and I walked and lifted weights, ran errands, and had lunch out at a restaurant we hadn't been to before.

One of the errands was picking up the pants for a gore-tex running suit that I had altered. It wasn't rainy today, but it was cold and windy and the gore-tex running suit was just the thing for a run.

It wasn't a very good run. It's kind of discouraging for today's run to be worse than yesterday's after yesterday's was worse than the one before that. I expect it's just a matter of needing a rest day to recover. I don't feel tired, though.


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