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Sunday, 06 April 2003

The story's at 3500 words. That's a net gain of 300 words, which understates things a bit, as I did some editing and tightening through the whole thing.

I haven't written the confrontation scene yet (although I will--it's exactly the right thing), but I wrote the scene that goes before it. There are some rough edges, but I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming together.

I thought I might finish it both Saturday and today, but it's being stubborn. Perhaps tomorrow.

[Rendering of autumn mountains through the mist]

I spent just a bit of time playing with TerraGen again.

This evening Jackie and I watched "Femme Fatale," (the 2002 instance--there must be half a dozen movies of that title). It's the oddest combination of heist story, erotic thriller, and fairy tail.

Rested today. No lifting, no running. Tomorrow's schedule is peculiar, because I'll take Jackie in to get some blood tests done. She's okay--it's just for her annual checkup--but it's a fasting test, so we'll go have breakfast afterwards. Poor Jackie always suffers when she has to fast for a blood test, all the more so because she usually wakes up at 5:00, so it's a long time to wait for breakfast. Anyway, we probably won't exercise before that. Maybe I'll get a run in after work.


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