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Friday, 30 May 2003

I took Jackie to Timpone's for dinner, as part of our anniversary celebration.

Timpone's is arguably the best restaurant in town. Even so, I tend not to go there as often as I might, because they're the sort of arrogant restaurant where they won't give you what you want--the chef is an "artist" and will only provide the perfectly designed meal he has created. His creations tend to be pretty good, and the menu is varied, so you can usually work around whatever special requirements you have. I'm usually pleased when I go, I'm just disinclined to reward such behavior with my business.

Tonight we had a yummy dinner.

The main topic of dinner conversation was what we wanted to do with the next eleven years. We both agreed that following the last eleven years as a model wouldn't lead us too far astray.

I'm a lucky, lucky boy.

[Photo of downed tree with toothmarks from a beaver]

Thursday, we went for a walk around Kaufman Lake, and noticed a couple of downed trees at the edge of the lake. There had been a tree down a couple of weeks ago that was clearly windthrow, but there hadn't really been enough wind to take a tree down just lately. Then, on closer examination, we could see toothmarks on the stumps. It seems that there is a beaver living at Kaufman Lake.

(I had been about to name the jepg file for this image "beaver," but realized that a name like that would bring a whole bunch of unwanted hits. I picked "toothmarks" instead. I'm not absolutely sure that won't bring just as many people expecting something completely different, but I'm moderately hopeful.)

Today we got up early to take Steven to the train station. He and Jackie both got up ridiculously early. I slept until 4:15. We put him on the train at 6:10. Now we have the place to ourselves, after a week of visiting and being visited.

The past two days, I've started out the day eating like a hobbit, with first breakfast and then second breakfast. Fortunately, I've then skipped lunch, so I don't think the damage was too great, even though second breakfast has tended to include sausage, ham, pancakes, etc. I haven't run in a week, but we got our walks in. There was time after second breakfast this morning before the video store would open, so Jackie and I walked to Centennial Park and back.

A good day.


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