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Saturday, 31 May 2003

It's 9:00 PM and still almost light out. I love this time of year. I always have, but now it's not only my favorite time of year, it also brings back memories of Clarion. East Lansing is just far enough north that the days are a little bit longer. Plus it's just far enough east to be in another time zone, so the sun sets almost the same moment, but they call it 10:00 PM.

I've been reading some of this year's Clarion Journals and enjoying them. Fond memories.

I found the file that I should have been editing Thursday and merged the two versions, then went on and revised the text that I hadn't had on Thursday. I think I'm pleased with it. I still need to read it all the way through including the new section, see how it all fits together. It's a good bit longer, 5800 words. I'd like to trim that. It'd be better at maybe 5500.

I did the writing-in-the-cafe thing again. Jackie wanted to go to the bookstore, so I brought along my laptop and sat in the cafe. It worked okay. A little stimulation without anything really distracting. (No pit bull owner stories this time.)

Other than that, just an ordinary day. The farmer's market, phone calls to parents, Buffy episodes. The usual. Oh, one bit of geekiness: I finally got around to upgrading the laptop to MacOS X. Should have done that a while ago.

Got a request from Beth Adele Long for some bits of text for another patchwork like the one she did a year ago for the Turbocharged Fortune Cookie web site. I wrote a bit today that turned out to be a whole tiny story. I'm very pleased with it. I want to do one more piece.

In my mind, I tend to see people as they were when I last saw them. Since Theodora Goss writes so vividly, I see her as she seems in her most recent journal entries. Her new entries doesn't seem as sad as the last, so I have one less sad image in my mind.


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