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Saturday, 07 June 2003

I spent the morning at my computer trying to work but not getting much done. I made some notes around the edges of the story I was working on, but I couldn't get it to gel.

In the afternoon I was sleepy and took a nap.

I usually don't nap well. I often don't sleep, and whether I do or not I'm usually more groggy after a nap than I was before. That's how it was today.

Then I cleverly went for a run. That turned out to be a great idea. I didn't just wake up, I had a great run. Remember a couple days ago I was complaining because the difference between a hard mile-and-a-half and an easy one was only 20 seconds? Well, today I knocked a full 60 seconds off my best time so far. In fact, my time was so good I'm doubting my estimate of the length of my usual run-- because if my estimate is right, then I'm running as fast as I was eleven years ago, the last time I was in shape.

While I was out on my best run of the season, I also put together some story ideas. Not what I'd been working on this morning, but something else. It's not fully formed, but I got 400 words down this evening and I've got a direction for the next bit.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.


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