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Monday, 09 June 2003

I should have written this entry yesterday.

Life is good. I'm healthy. I'm running and lifting and am already in the best shape I've been in years and getting better. I have a wife who's perfect in every way and who's fond of me. My writing is going well. Even other stuff--my brokerage account, my day job--are coming along just fine. Life is good.

Not much has changed today. In fact, there was even a new bit of goodness at the day job (working hardware--always a plus). The only thing is, I've caught a cold. Not a bad cold, I hope. Maybe I'll shake it off and be all better tomorrow. But a sore throat kind of takes the edge off the perfect golden glow that surrounded everything yesterday.

Still, I'm happy. So, I thought I ought to write it down here.


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