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Sunday, 20 July 2003

More good writing, about 800 new words. I'm dubious about whether or not it's getting off to a quick enough start, but I'll run with it for the time being and see how it comes out.

I did one chunk of the writing sitting outside in a lawn chair with my laptop. My home wireless network reaches out there no problem, which was handy when I wanted to do a bit of research about native American tool making. (Turns out that the equivalent of flint is something called chert.)

I went for a long run today, five miles. Like last week, I ran on the trails at Allerton Park (this time on the south side of the Sangamon River). I tried (and pretty much succeeded) to reproduce the run I did 12 years ago to make sure I wasn't going to a fool of myself if I ran in the Allerton Park trail race. It took almost exactly one hour, which comes in right at 5 miles if I'm running at a 12-mile pace. (I really need to run on a measured course again and see if that estimate is reasonably close.)

Although it was a pretty productive day, with the run and the writing, it felt lazy because we didn't run any errands and I did pretty much exactly what I wanted.

We're down to the last season-four Buffy episode. We're going to save it for a day and watch Mystery tonight.


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