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Saturday, 09 August 2003

A perfect day.

I wrote a story! Currently I've got just shy of 2400 words. Perhaps 1000 of those came from an earlier try at this story from last year, but the rest are new. In final draft it'll probably come in a bit higher than that, call it 2500 words at finished length.

I finished it just before dinner and haven't read it yet, but I'm very pleased with the version of the story that's in my brain. I'll read it tomorrow and get an idea whether I got reasonably close to that on paper.

It was very satisfying to write a whole story in a day. It's been a long time since I managed that. I'll have to see if I can't do it again a time or two on this vacation.

I'm on vacation! Vacations are good.

My first day of vacation got off to a great start. After breakfast I sat down and started the story. I got about 500 words down pretty quickly, then got to a place where I needed to do some thinking, so I decided to go lift weights.

We walked, lifted weights, went to the ATM, and went to the bakery.

I went light on the lower-body weights, because my knee had been a little sore last night. That made it seem like a too-easy workout, so I did a second set of assisted pull-ups with less assist. That felt good.

After errands we came home and I wrote until lunch time. After lunch I took my laptop and sat in a lawn chair in the courtyard outside our apartment and wrote for another bit, until the Midnight Special came on. Great stuff--they played the Da Vinci's Notebook tune "Ally McBeal," which is a favorite of mine.

The Midnight Special was too distracting for writing, so I just surfed the web and caught up on email for a while. (A laptop with 802.11b and a lawn chair on a nice summer day--life should be like this more often.

Jackie and I went for another walk after that, the walk of two lakes. I was taking the day as a rest day from running, which was a smart move. The walks made for some exercise, but not too much. Soreness all gone and my legs feel great.

I figured out the remaining crucial bits of how my story needed on the walk, so as soon as we got home I sat down and wrote the last few hundred words! Go me!

Took Jackie to the Basmati for dinner, and then to the video store. We picked up a couple of comedies to watch this evening. I think I'll just post this and spend the rest of the evening with my sweety.

Catch ya' tomorrow.


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