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Sunday, 10 August 2003

This morning I did a revision pass over the story I wrote yesterday. I'm pretty happy with it.

I printed a copy for Jackie and sent it to Steven. Jackie got what I was going for. Steven, on the other hand seemed mystified. I hope that's because Jackie reads quite a bit of literary fiction as well as sf, whereas Steven doesn't. I hope.

I need to decide what changes to make based on those comments quickly, and then post it to the writing group. That won't take long. Then I need to think about what to write next.

The writing group got together today to say goodbye to Chris, who is defending her PhD thesis tomorrow and heading off to be a professor on Wednesday. We'll miss her.

I decided not to do my long run today; I'm still feeling a little tired from last week. If I weren't on vacation I'd probably have gone ahead and done it, just because it's so hard to fit an hour-long run into a work day, but since I am on vacation, I figure I can just do the long run tomorrow.

Even though I wasn't doing my long run, I didn't want a run-free day, so I decided to go do a timed mile on the track again. I broke 10 minutes! I ran my mile in 9:56.

Here are the split times, this week and last week:


I ran each lap a bit faster than last week, but the main change was that I ran more steadily. The previous time was the first time I'd ever run for time on a track, so it was kind of a new experience. I didn't know how fast I could go and keep it up for a mile. This time I came much closer to running at an even speed.


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