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Monday, 11 August 2003

I'm on vacation! Perhaps I've mentioned that before. but today is the first real day of vacation, because I wouldn't have been at work yesterday or the day before anyway.

Besides being on vacation, I'm really, really tired. I went for my long run today, and decided that I wanted to run 6 miles instead of just 5. After that Jackie and I worked out at the Fitness Center and ran some errands and came home for lunch, after which I took a nap. Even after the nap I was tired, although I seemed to perk up a bit by late afternoon.

I made one more pass over my new story and sent it to my local writers' group. We're supposed to get together again in a couple of weeks.

Karina posted a link to her story "Drowned Men Can't Have Kids," which is on-line at Strange Horizons. Good story. Go read it.


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