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Wednesday, 03 September 2003

I got two stories that had been languishing on my hard drive back out to markets. Go me.

There are two other stories I can get out right away. Once that's done I need to rewrite my latest story and get it out to Polyphony. Then it will be time to start working on something new. (Although there are several unfinished stories that I'm itching to work on, and that's a possibility as well.)

One of my thoughts after leaving WorldCon was that I was pretty sure I'd managed to avoid acting like a jerk. I've been reading con reports from other folks at WorldCon and I'm surprised by the number of people who've said very similar things. I guess it's a very common feeling.

I slept in a bit this morning, not getting up until after 7:00. That didn't really leave time for a run, but I ran anyway. It was short, just 1.5 miles, but I ran it quickly--probably my fastest run ever at that distance. The speed was probably due to the cool weather, but it gives me some hope that not running while I was in Toronto hasn't done much harm to my fitness.


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