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Tuesday, 09 September 2003

I did the rewrite I'd been planning and got my story packaged up and ready to send to Polyphony. I also submitting another story to an on-line market. That means I've got 5 mss out. It's the first time that's been true for a while.

It's time to start something new. Jackie was out this evening, so while I was home alone I did a bit of brainstorming, throwing in multiple ideas to see if they fit together in a way that was story-shaped. No conclusion yet.

I'm back into the thick of it at my day job. I kind of enjoy it, but that doesn't keep me from begrudging the time I spend at it. I'd much rather divide that time between writing and exercising.

The exercising is going okay. We didn't exercise much while we were in Toronto (although brisk urban walking can get pretty aerobic). Since getting back, though, I'm back to running 12-13 miles a week.

We got our season-2 Angel DVDs, so we've been watching those. We're hoping to make them last until fall.


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