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Saturday, 25 October 2003

I'm back home from Frankfurt. I'd hoped to do a bit of journaling while I was there (I managed some in Singapore and in Copenhagen), but I was just too busy. We were really popular--lots of people wanted to test their equipment with ours--so we ended up doing extra test sessions after the end of the official testing day to fit everybody in.

The typical day was: Get up in time to have breakfast and get to the testing venue before 8:30 and do testing sessions until 5:30. (There was supposed to be an hour for lunch in there, but I never managed to get away for that long.) The last session would either run long, or we'd have an extra session that would keep us until 6:30 or 7:00. Then my colleague and I would go to dinner. After dinner we'd write up a report of the test testing results to send back to the office. I don't think I ever finished that before 9:00. Then I'd try to unwind enough to get to sleep in time to squeeze in 8 hours before I had to get up and do it all again.

Frankfurt isn't a bad city. The only free day I had was Sunday, when everything was closed. (My colleague and I walked along the main shopping area anyway.) I didn't do any shopping or go to any museums. Saturday I ran along the river, getting in 3 miles.)

[Photo of giant illuminated euro sign in Frankfurt]

I saw one thing worth getting a picture of--a giant illuminated euro sign. I got a picture and will post it here once I get it transfered off my work computer. [Update: Here it is.]

It's great to be home.

Next week I'll be busy at work getting the testing results analyzed and checking the anomalies to see if I need to file bug reports or not. That'll keep me pretty busy, although I should have some energy to do some writing in the evenings. Then I'm taking two weeks of vacation, during which we're not going anywhere. I've blocked out just about all that time for writing.

Tomorrow is the race. I ran 1.5 miles today--my first run since Sunday. A bit of a taper would be good, but that was overdoing it. It'll be okay, though. It's not like I was going to win if I did it just right.


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