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Sunday, 26 October 2003

I ran in the Allerton Park Trail Race today. I don't have an official time yet, but I ran 5.5 miles in about 1:06, give or take. (Since I wrote that, the results page has gone up. I finished at 1:05:46.9, an 11:57 per mile pace. Looking at the winners, I see that they run just about twice as fast as me. That's actually not as much of a difference as I expected. I can imagine being able to run twice as fast. I probably can't do it, but I can imagine it.)

[Photo of me and Chuck]

Chuck McCaffrey ran with me. He's a runner. He's been a runner for years. This picture shows the two of us just moments after the finish. He's the one with the maniacal grin. I'm the one still gasping for air.

It was chilly, under 40°F at the start, low 40s by the end. It turns out that 40 degrees is not too cold for shorts and a t-shirt, if you're running. (Even if you're running as slowly as I do).

The run itself went well. It had rained the day before and the trails were muddy. It was slippery in places, but not dangerously so. I felt good all the way through, although I was a bit tired by the end.

After my run I took it easy the rest of the day. Now, though, I'm about ready to fall asleep, even though it's not yet 8:00. I guess between the jet lag and the race and the time change, that's not so much of a surprise.

Tomorrow work and a bit of writing.


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