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Sunday, 09 November 2003

Another busy day. I didn't get to writing until evening and only got 200 new words down. I'm at 2800. I didn't feel the need to rewrite what I've got done, though, so that's a good sign. I'm excited by the scene I'm in and wouldn't stop if it weren't already late.

I made soup for lunch, with the stock from Thursday's rock cornish game hens together with leeks and potatoes from the Farmer's Market. After lunch Jackie and her mom and I went to the Broken Oak gallery, a little place out in the country near White Heath. (It doesn't seem to have a web page.) There was some very nice stuff there.

Tomorrow I hope to have more time to spend writing.

One brief continuation of yesterday's topic of religious denominations: The neighborhood Baptist church has a billboard up saying,

Baptist Church
Sun. Worship 10-12
I had no idea that the Baptists were sun worshipers, and I must say it makes me feel better to know that they're in the neighborhood.


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