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Monday, 10 November 2003

Good story progress today. I wrote the next scene, a rather long one. That brings the story to 3700 words, so around 900 new words today. I'm at just about the mid-point, so I'm guessing the story will come in at around 7000 words. That's longish, but within the length limit for the anthology.

We watched "Holes." I'd heard it was better than you'd expect, and it was. A good movie. Classic hero's journey structure. Effective use of the road of trials and gathering powers and allies parts of the structure. I like to see that.

Jackie and I lifted weights, and I ran 2.5 miles, so it was an altogether good day.

After I did my nightly wordcount, I realized I could delete three paragraphs and replace them with two short sentences, and at the same time, avoid writing myself into corner. So, the wordcount is a trifle shorter than cited above, but the story's a trifle better.


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