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Tuesday, 11 November 2003

Three short attempts at the next scene made me realize that I hadn't really visualized it. I knew what the result of the scene was, but I don't really know how it was going to play out. After wasting some time with transitional scenes that were really dull and some more time with poorly conceived versions of the next scene that were almost equally dull, I finally wised up and skipped ahead to where the next bit of action starts. After that it went pretty smoothly. I wrote the next scene, 600 words, so I'm at 4300 total. I think there are just three scenes left, only one of them long. If things go well, I could have a first draft tomorrow.

I got in a run, 2.5 miles. I'm still short for the week, but one long run will come pretty close to fixing that. My hamstring hasn't hurt on either of the two recent runs, so maybe that's all better.

Karina has been apologizing for reporting on the great success her story "Loving the Bomb" has been having on Fictionwise. Since she was threatening not to keep updating us on it, I thought I'd provide a bit of positive reenforcement and went and bought my copy. (I'd have gotten around to eventually anyway. I critiqued this story, so I'm especially interested to see what she's done with it. But the fact is, I bought it today because Karina happened to mention it again.) It took fifteen minutes, as it was my first Fictionwise purchase, so I had to set up an account and everything.


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