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Monday, 01 December 2003

Read over my notes for the robot story. There's still some conceptualizing to do. No new words today.

I also thought about the zeppelin story. For inspiration, I watched "Kiki's Delivery Service," another great Miyazaki movie. (Next I have to watch "Castle in the Sky.")

I have a new keyboard.

For a brief time, when the first G4 tower machines came out, Apple switched to cheap, crappy keyboards. They switched back pretty quickly, but I happened to buy my machine right during that period. The keyboard was adequate, so I just used it. But it gradually got worse. Finally, I decided to just go ahead and get a new keyboard.

It arrived today. It's okay. It'll take a little getting used to--I'm typing a lot of doubled characters. Hopefully, that'll quit as soon as I get used to the touch I need.

Sunset is as early as it's going to get! The sun is setting at 4:28, and will continue to do so until December 14th, but on December 15th, it'll set at 4:29.

That's not to say that the days are getting longer, of course. They'll continue to get shorter until the solstice.

The later sunsets will be nice, but it's really the earlier sunrises that I need. It's just hard to get up in the dark, let along go lift weights in the dark and then go to work in the dark. Sadly, that doesn't happen until January 12th when sunrise is at 7:14 after having been at 7:15 for weeks.


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