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Thursday, 04 December 2003

Not much writing the past couple of days, although I did work on the robots story a couple of times. It's trying to turn into some weird post-modern thing. I haven't read enough such to have a real feel how or if it will work, but it's what I'm stuck with. My concept of the story is coming together though. I expect to be able to write it (a draft anyway) in just a couple of days, at this point.

First, though, I need to do revisions on my providence story. I want to deliver it to my writing group this weekend for critique the following Sunday. During that week I'll draft the robots story. Once that's done, I'll need to start on revisions for the zeppelin story. I want to be able to submit it as soon as the market opens at the beginning of January.

Marissa's anthology Why I Hate Aliens has been published by Stone Garden. The preview copy I saw had some errors in my story, but they're supposed to be fixed now. The book seems to be on sale at the moment ($2.40, marked down from $3.00). This might be a great time to pick up a copy. I estimate my royalty on each sale to be a large fraction of a nickle.

Ran on the treadmill this morning. Managed to stick it out for 2.70 miles. Tedious. I'd like to do longer runs, but can't imagine actually doing so. One thing to try will be to do a 1.5 mile run before lifting weights, and then another 1.5 miles after. That might be possible.


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