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Saturday, 07 February 2004

No news. More working long hours, more not writing. I have started letting people at work know that I'm going to take this coming Saturday off to spend Valentine's with Jackie.

I reached a good stopping point today at a reasonable hour and just came on home. That gave me some time for reading. I'm starting in on the Locus recommended reading list. I'm not focusing on any particular bit yet, just starting in on the short fiction, reading stuff that's lying around the house that I haven't read yet.

I occasionally recommend novels to Jackie, and I was pleased to see that all the novels I'd recommended this past year made the list (except Altered Carbon, which was on last year's "first novels" list, but which I hadn't read until this year). I guess all that means is that my tastes are mainstream (at least within the genre), but I'm pleased anyway.


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