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Wednesday, 11 February 2004

I'm ever so slightly drunk. (I got a beer to have with dinner, except that I finished it before dinner was ready. So, I had another beer with dinner. That's all it takes to get me slightly drunk. I've been having a beer pretty much every day for a year now, so I'd have thought that my tolerance for alcohol would have gone up. Turns out, not so as you'd notice.)

I'm home a little early today. I wrapped up one piece of a task right around 5:00, then spent some time getting ready to make a build for the next piece, and then kicked off the build around 6:00. That won't finish for a couple hours, so I just came on home around 6:00 instead of staying until 6:30 or later as I've been doing lately.

Even with an extra half-hour, though, I'm not trying to write. I haven't written a bit in three weeks or so. It's been okay up until now--kind of a pleasant break--but I can begin to feel the pressure building. I'll have to write soon or parts of my brain will begin to behave oddly.

I'm reading the novellas on the Locus recommended reading list. They're just about the right length. In the little bit of time for reading that I have each day, I can get a novella read--a few pages in the morning with breakfast, a few at lunchtime, a few more in the evening.

Wow! It turns out there's still some of my second beer left. So, I'm drinking it. Beer is good.

Our season-3 "Angel" DVDs arrived today. We won't start them tonight, though, as tonight there'll be a new "Angel" episode from the current season.

Jackie and I made it to the Fitness Center this morning (after missing both the past two days due to tiredness). I ran 2 miles and lifted.

There's not much narrative structure to this journal entry. Blame it as much on the work as on the beer. My brain has completely abandoned all effort to keep track of non-work-related stuff. I don't even try to keep track of stuff around the house (what's for dinner, whether there are bills to pay or errands to run, household tasks that need doing, etc. I'm leaving all that to Jackie.) I go to work, I work all day, I come home and eat dinner, and then usually there's time to read the last third of a novella or watch a TV show. Then I go to bed and repeat. It doesn't leave much room for narrative structure. Admittedly, the beer isn't helping me articulate it.


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