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Thursday, 06 May 2004

I overdid it a bit today.

It's finally bicycling weather. I don't like to bicycle unless it's at least 50°F (otherwise, with the windchill from riding 15-20 mph, it's just too cold). With the extra fiddling around I have to do to bicycle (getting the bike out the door, for one thing) cycling is hard to fit into the day, unless I can ride to work. To get to work on time, I have to leave before 7:30, and until yesterday we hadn't had any days where the temperature was that warm that early, except when it was either rainy or very, very windy.

Yesterday, though, we had great weather. So I rode to work. Today the weather was great again, so I rode again (even though my butt was pretty sore).

From the apartment, there are a lot of possible routes to work. Yesterday and today I took a route that goes along three of the urban footpaths in Champaign (Roby, Simon, and Boulware). Following that route, it's just short of 5 miles in to the office. It would be only a mile or so farther to go via the Fitness Center, so Jackie and I are planning to start bicycling to the Fitness Center at least some of the time.

Having bicycled two days in a row, I was a bit tired, but tonight Jackie had a class at the Fitness Center. She's taking a Middle Eastern dance class--this is her third lesson. The class runs an hour, which is long enough for me to get bored if I'm not doing something. Last week I was feeling under the weather, so I didn't want to work out and brought my laptop. But today I was feeling fine, just a little tired.

I hadn't run since Saturday, and that run had been cut short, so I wanted to get a run in. I decided to combine the run with an errand, and ran from the Fitness Center to the bank so I could stop at the ATM. The round trip was about 2.5 miles, so about the same as my usual short run. Except that (as I discovered once I started running) I was really tired. I managed to finish the run anyway, walking just a bit during the second half.

After that, I did a somewhat feeble version of my usual lifting.

Now I'm exhausted.

I bought a new laptop! I ordered it last week and it arrived yesterday. I got a new 12-inch iBook. They come with 1 GHz G4s now. I figure it'll be about 10x faster than my old 450 MHz G3. (I have a general policy against buying a new computer until it's 10x faster than the old one.) I didn't get it for the extra speed, though. Mostly I wanted the extra sharpness and brightness of the new screen. Laptop screens just keep getting better.


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