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Sunday, 09 May 2004


Meadowbrook Park has a sculpture garden and some statues just along the path around the perimeter and not in the garden itself. This is one of the latter. I've been meaning to take a picture of it for some time.

The first time Jackie and I came upon this statue, I knew that we were thinking exactly the same thing: "Anya wouldn't like that."

Lots of exercise this weekend. Saturday I ran 8 miles, by more than a mile my longest run ever. My plan was just to do 6 miles, but I felt great after 3, so rather than turning around, I decided to push on.

I can now go the distance of the Lake Mingo trail race that I want to run next month. Between now and then I want to do some more trail running and practice running those steep hills. The bicycling will work the quads, so it'll help.

Jackie was at a gathering with some fellow spinners, and had taken the car, so I got out my bicycle and rode it to Quizno's, bought a sandwich, and took it to Hessel Park for lunch. Later in the afternoon, Jackie and I drove to Meadowbrook park so I could take this picture and we walked around the park.

Today we bicycled together to the Fitness Center and lifted weights. I got to try out my new bicycle tires (purchased Saturday after my mountain bikes' rear tire suffered a near-catastrophic failure on the way home on Thursday). The new tires a great. A bit less aggressive tread pattern than the tires they're replacing, but still good enough for riding on trails, as long as there's not too much mud, and much better for riding on the roads, which is 99% of my riding.

After bicycling home, I called my mom to wish her a happy mother's day. Then we took Barbara to Silver Creek for a mother's day brunch.

No writing to speak of, but I've been thinking a lot about this current story. There's a lot of depth and richness there. I hope I can capture it in words.


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