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Thursday, 24 June 2004

Some pretty good writing again today. It wasn't easy writing--things didn't flow--but I advanced the story and found my way through one of the bits where I didn't already have a clear vision of how it went. I've got about 1500 words.

I'm getting busy with the day job again, hopefully not as much so as over the winter. It does look like I'll have to go to Libertyville for meetings two days next week, though. I'll bring my laptop, but doubt if I'll be able to get any writing done to speak of. Still, I'm being productive, which has its satisfactions.

It's a Thursday, so I'm writing at the Fitness Center, while Jackie's in her class. It's a belly dancing class, which she's enjoying a lot and finds to be good exercise. She's been buying various costume bits to go with it--hip scarves with jingly things on them, harem pants (something I'd encouraged her to get long before she started with the class) and long scarves for veil work.

Just before our Gettysburg trip, we went to a recital where many of teacher's more senior students performed. It wasn't a perfect venue (there wasn't a stage and from where we sat it was hard to see the dancers bellies, let along their legs or feet), but it was still a lot of fun. The students were obviously having a great time. Even the ones not performing had trouble standing still whenever the music started.

I can see how wearing a hip scarf with jingly things would make it almost irresistible to twitch your hips to the beat.

Rode my bicycle to work today, third time this week. Lifted and stretched this evening, before sitting down to write.

Lots of exercise, productive at my day job, productive at my writing, and a wife who belly dances. Better than a beer comercial.


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