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Wednesday, 23 June 2004

Some good writing this evening. I added one small bit that's rather neat (I'm pleased with it) to what I'd done previously, then wrote two more scenes. I'm at 1100 words. I'm maybe a fifth done--I'm guessing 5500-6000 words for the finished story. It's starting to come together.

I hit a rough spot. The hero and his wife are somewhat estranged and I needed to clue the reader into what the deal was. I started to have them just argue about it, but that's an argument that they would have had months ago; it didn't feel right to have them rehash it. I needed to think for a minute, so I invited Jackie to join me for a walk around the block. It was just about sunset as we headed out. As we came back, the fireflies were out in force, each different species doing its own unique pattern of blinking. Then I wrote my scene. I even threw a little bit about fireflies into my story. I think it works.

I ran this morning, 3 miles, then bicycled to the office.

Work at the day job was okay. Got useful stuff done.


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