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Tuesday, 22 June 2004

Rewrote the first few paragraphs of the robot story again, trying to establish the hero and hint at his conflicts early. I'm reasonably happy with that bit now. I trimmed out some extraneous stuff and got him moved just slightly farther along. That didn't result in much increase in word-count, though. I'm still at about 370 words.

I did my writing in the cafe at Pages bookstore, because Jackie was there for a meeting of her fiber arts book group. Getting out with my laptop seems to be a useful change for me, in terms of getting things done.

I noticed that Clarion classmate Corie Ralston had a web page up and added it to my links page.

I bicycled to work today after driving yesterday because it was supposed to rain. It wasn't raining in the morning, though, so I ran 3 miles before work.

I hadn't run since the race, and had taken Sunday as a rest day, so I ran it fast (for me), averaging a 10:29 pace. I'd like to move up to being able to run a 9:00 pace. My plan to get there is a simple one: I'll use my GPS gizmo to set a 9-minute pace, run that speed for as long as I can, then jog until I recover enough to do it again. Last year it took just a few weeks to go from only being able to run at a 12-minute pace for a short time before getting out of breath to being able to do it until my legs got tired. Maybe I can work up to a 9-minute pace similarly quickly. I'm not counting on it.


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