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Thursday, 29 July 2004

Very busy at the day job. Worse, it's writing a document, which always makes it harder to write fiction at night. I hadn't gotten any writing done for a couple of days.

Today, though, a bit of progress on the novel: 950 new words. I'm going to start counting words with a tool, though, rather than counting pages the way I usually do. With the tool, the total only comes to 2872 words, so I only get credit for 472 new words today.

I was writing on the laptop, at the Fitness Center while Jackie was taking her regular Thursday belly dancing class. I had copied the files for chapters one and two from the desktop machine, but didn't work on them. I skipped ahead to chapter 3 and wrote part of the scenes where the hero enters the country and tries to find an apartment. Those are scenes that were pretty clear in my head already, so they went pretty quickly.

This weekend is going to be very busy. Dad and Katy are stopping by on their way home from southern Illinois. They'll be here Friday evening and Saturay morning. Saturday night Barbara is taking Jackie and me and Chuck out for dinner. Sunday we're going to a play.

Jackie points out that only the play is really something extra--we'd be eating dinner anyway. It still seems like a busy weekend, though, with all that stuff scheduled.

I've got a headach--very rare for me. I've taken a naproxen sodium and am going to bed.


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